Pros and Cons of We Buy Ugly Houses in St Louis

Video Transcription

All right. This video is about the pros and the cons of working with investors in Saint Louis, Missouri to sell your house.

Mike Slain and David Dodge here with House Sold Easy Properties.

We are investors in Saint Louis.  We like to make it very clear where we’re coming from. I’m also an agent and Dave has been an investor for a long time flipping houses, that is our background.

What are some of the pros of working with a real estate investor when selling a property?

I’m an investor so I can tell you some of the things that I offer to my customers when I’m buying a house from them. One is we pay cash. So what that means is that’s going to speed everything up.  When we say that we can buy a house in as little as seven to 10 days, we mean it. Typically, getting a property to the closing table in seven to 10 days for us is pretty standard. But for somebody that’s not paying cash and using an agent who has a buyer that needs bank financing, it’s going to take them at least one to two months to do so. Check out our comparison of our process as compared with the traditional process here.  And another pro of working with investors in Saint Louis, Missouri, especially House Sold Easy is we buy houses as-is. So what that means for you as the seller is that you don’t have to make any repairs to the home.

You don’t have to fix anything and you especially don’t have to clean any of the old clutter out. We buy it as it is and then last but not least, one of the major pros of working with investors, especially us, is time. You know, we can act fast. If you call us today odds are we can get out and view that property tomorrow, if not tomorrow, within one or two days. And we will make you an offer right then and there whenever we meet you at the property. So to recap, some of the pros of working with an investor is we buy it for cash, we buy it as-is and we can close very, very fast.

Really think of like that we are trading a lower price on the property for the speed. Now we’re not asking our sellers to give us the property by any means. We are always looking for a win/win. However, whenever we are going to buy something that needs a lot of work and it’s an as-is property and we are paying cash for it, we’re typically going to want a price that’s a little slightly under the market value.

Again, for that reason for clarification we provide our sellers with a net sheet. So when we go out on appointments, we love to bring this and just kind of illustrate the different prices that you’d be getting by working with an investor or if you went ahead and did the repairs and listed it yourself and oftentimes it’s not that much different. But there is oftentimes a trade-off and again you’re going to trade a little bit of that for the speed and convenience of being able to sell a property that quickly for a lower price.

Some other cons of working with an investor? Let’s see:

There’s really not that many that I can think of. If you are looking to sell your property quickly, you don’t want to show it or go the traditional brokerage or real estate agent route and you want a cash buyer. So that means that they can close quickly then we are the solution for you. We are investors here in Saint Louis. This is Dave and Mike, we’re with House Sold Easy Properties.

Either myself or Mike would love to come out and talk with you about the property that you have. And again, we buy it with cash. We buy properties as- is, and we can close extremely fast, in about seven to 10 days. So if you have a property that you’re looking to sell, reach out to us. We would love to come out and talk with you about that property and we will make you a cash offer on that property the very same day that we see you in the property. We’re looking forward to working with you. Please give us a call today. Thank you.

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